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With more than two decades in the prosthetics industry, we are continuously inspired by the stories of our customers. With the same spirit, our team is dedicated to creating quality prosthetics that are designed with ingenuity, built with resilience, and serviced with heart.

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  • Today our patient of ILKINA came and received the remarkable SCM Natural color prosthesis. She works in aircraft and is happy that now her prosthesis almost does not differ from her sound hand. Thanks for good work and a small spark of happiness for the patient.
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  • You managed to make the work of art! The patient and I delighted with the result. I showed to the director and heads of departments of the enterprise as big achievement in prosthetics. Very much it was pleasant to all. Big thanks to you from all of us for the highest quality and care in performance of objectives.
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  • First of all, thanks to the Regal Prosthesis team for using 3D printing technology to make this hand auxiliary tool for me. In daily life, I sometimes need to push my wheelchair to go out with my family. The bottom of the auxiliary tool can fully connect to the handle of the wheelchair, making it more convenient and very stable before pushing the wheelchair. Using this auxiliary tool, I find that there is no need to twist the fingers of my left hand prosthesis into the wheelchair handle. When the wheelchair has to be lifted up across steps, I also no longer need to forcibly uplift the handle of the wheelchair with the palm of my left hand prosthesis. The use of the auxiliary tool effectively reduces the burden and avoids wear and tear of the fingers and palm of my left hand prosthesis. In terms of service quality, the Regal Prosthesis team was very careful and devoted to the whole process of customizing my left hand prosthesis. From the measurement, photo recording, discussion for the color selection, to 3D printing and scanning of my left arm, each step has been constantly tested to the satisfaction of the prosthesis user. I am also satisfied with the fidelity of this new series of silicone glove. When I went to the hospital earlier, the orthopedic doctors were surprised by the naturalness of my new silicone prosthesis.
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    Jason Ng
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